about blondeBLAKE

From an early age the threads of this fabulous blog: blondeBLAKE ® were woven throughout by Reghan Blake’s love of fashion and all things beautiful and interesting. In blondeBlake Reghan is weaving her inspiration, fashion design knowledge, interior design skills, travel experiences and artistic sensibilities – all to inspire you in your unique wardrobe choices and spark creativity in her readers.

Reghan started ballet at the age of three and has loved the process of choreographing a dance piece and then visioning and designing a costume to compliment the movement and essence of the dance. Having the opportunity to interpret dance wearing some of the most beautiful fabrics and intricate costumes definitely sparked her interest in design and sewing. Reghan started sewing at a very early age, receiving her first sewing machine at age five.



Her love of curating a wardrobe began in her young years with her fashionista momma taking her shopping for back to school wardrobes. Choosing pieces and purchasing a “collection” that all worked together and could be intermixed to create different outfits and unique looks was always a highlight!

Today, Reghan Blake attends fashion shows, events and regularly chats with designers and people who cause us to notice fashionable moments in the industry. Beautiful photos, conversations, knowledge, and the love of fashion and all things beautiful are woven into this blog.

blondeBLAKE is a response, a reaction, a reflection of fashion and style in Reghan’s  life moments. These are the 3R’s that influence the blog . One of Reghan’s favorite aspects of fashion is that; it is a way to describe who you are (in that moment) without speaking words.  Reghan hopes blondeBLAKE will inspire you to push the boundaries with fashion and speak your creativity. Be unique, be you ! 🙂

an occasion for every outfit” ®