“an occasion for every outfit”

an occasion for every outfit ® perfectly describes Reghan Blake’s everyday attitude towards fashion and style. Reghan’s fun and fabulous tag line named itself because she has always selected wardrobe pieces that interest her and that she loves and then behind that constructed an event or outing to wear them to. Reghan tends to be drawn to wardrobe pieces that speak to her sense of fashion moments. For example, she will see a gorgeous dress and think “that would be perfect for high tea” and then invite a group of women to attend high tea that weekend or select a leather jacket and think “that would be so cute to wear to brunch on Sunday with black cashmere sweatpants and ankle boots”. Rather than an outfit for every occasion Reghan builds her wardrobe in a “backwards” kind of way.

an occasion for every outfit” ®

So, let your fashion and your wardrobe choices drive your experiences!