Fete with Fashion

Fashion Wants You to Party like It’s ….2017 !

Back away from the sportswear, dressing way up is the biggest trend.

There is a billion dollar industry that has created the feeling in fashion that we never need to leave the comfort of our yoga leggings or sweatpants. So with the rise of Athleisure comes the death of dressing up, right ??

Not so fast !

If we have learned anything from Preen, Temperley and Molly Goddard this season, it’s that unapologetic party-dressing is to be de rigueur (necessary if you want to be fashionable) once again. I for one am thrilled !

When the occasion (for every outfit) calls – or simply when you feel like dressing up on a Wednesday – here are the looks to try :

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Reghan Blake – blondeBLAKE

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