The Wonderful Prabal Grung and the Women’s March

Some positive, thoughtful reading about the state of our society, the women’s march and a person who is spreading so much love and doing so much good thru fashion.

I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful, inside and out, man Prabal Grung 2 years ago before I fully knew how incredible he really was. Below you can read his thoughtful and inspiring messages. You can also pick up one of his powerful, inspiring tshirts (3rd photo. I love them all !), follow his posts and support people who are so thoughtful and meaningful. hope you love reading his messages as much as I do. And my FAV part of all…. “do your daughters a favor and raise them to be ok with people not liking them” 🙌🏻👏🏻

Reghan Blake – blondeBLAKE

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